Green Gardening - Hanging Bottles

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Planting plants (I've chosen to use plants which will be useful, herbs, strawberries etc) in 2L plastic bottles. String them up attached to the fence/wall to create a feature. Each Scout will be given a marker to add their name to the one they planted.


Plastic bottles (one for each scout/leader)
Multipurpose compost
A variety of Plants (one or two for each bottle)
Wooden pegs to identify the bottles (I'm using tongue depressors!)


Cut a hole in the side of the bottle, big enough to plant in. Drill a hole into the top of the bottle and one in the bottom (for the string). Thread lengths of string through, but don't tie anything just yet. If they're going to hang outside, drill a few drainage holes in the bottom too. Fill each with compost and then choose your plants. Plant in as required.
When planted, tie a length of string round the neck of each bottle.
Now, using your knot tieing expertise, tie the lengths of string together to make a length of hanging bottles. Then affix this to your fence or wall.

Pre-prepare bottles for use in the Beaver section then the rest of the activity as listed.


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