Promise Knotting Relay

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Girls are given (or collect relay fashion) cards with parts of the promise on.
They then attach the cards in the correct order by knotting the cords together


Printed pdf file for each patrol/six/group - laminated if required and cut into strips
Several meters of thin cord to attach to cards


Knotting Promise Relay
Print and laminate the phrases of the promise below. (One for each patrol/six on different coloured paper)
Cut into strips (cut entire width of paper)
Punch a hole in both ends of each strip (except beginning and end)
Attach about 30cm of knotting code (shoe lace) to each end through the hole – use bowline or round turn and 2 ½ hitches.
Girls can either be given the set of cards, or collect relay fashion or during a wide game or …
The card need to be connected to each other in the correct order using the knot they are told – this will depend on what knot you want to revise. Eg reef, bowline, sheetbend, …


  • knots
  • Knotting game
  • promise

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