The Twelve Days of Christmas - Alternative Cub Version

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A fun alternative Cub themed version of the traditional Christmas song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" for performance at Christmas shows etc. Can be performed with any number of Cubs. Covers part of the requirements for the Entertainer badge.


Copies of the attached lyrics. Optional are some simple props to add to the fun eg woggles, balls, marshmallows on sticks, sausages on sticks, plasters, umbrella, sleeping bag, tent.


Sung to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas". We downloaded an instrumental version of the song for the Cubs to sing along to. We added actions and props as follows but these can be added to or changed to suit:

1st day of Christmas - a Cub Scout with a skint knee, one Cub has plasters on his knee which he holds up pretending to be in pain

2nd day of Christmas - games of dodgeball, Cub(s) hold up ball(s)

3rd day of Christmas - lost woggles, Cub(s) hold up woggle(s)

4th day of Christmas - midnight feasts, Cubs pretend to guzzle sweets

5th day of Christmas - burnt marshmallows, Cubs hold up marshmallows on sticks or forks

6th day of Christmas - stressed out leaders, self explanatory!

7th day of Christmas - new adventures, Cubs pretend to shield their eyes looking out to the horizon

8th day of Christmas - mums a sewing, Cubs pretend to sew badges on to uniform

9th day of Christmas - sausage sizzle, Cubs hold up sausages on sticks or forks

10th day of Christmas - tents a leaking, Cubs hold umbrellas up or you can have Cub(s) in a real tent pretending to be getting wet

11th day of Christmas - hiking blisters, more plasters or bandages on feet this time

12th day of Christmas - midgies biting, Cubs pretend to slap the biting insects, can have some wearing midge head nets


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