Six Questions in Sixes - YouShape

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Taken from YouShape 2017





1. Ask one of the Cubs to sit on the chair and think of their favourite thing they have done in Scouting so far. Once they’ve thought of this, they should keep quiet, holding it in their mind.

2. Meanwhile, ask the other Cubs to guess which activity their fellow Cub is thinking about. To gather clues, they can only ask six questions.

For example, they could ask whether the activity will take place indoors or outdoors, or if it involves teamwork or individual work.
To make things more fun, the nominated Cub can only answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If they haven’t guessed after asking all six questions, the nominated Cub can tell them outright.

3. Keep a record of the activities the Cubs enjoyed. Use these to springboard your programme planning.



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