Internet Safety Activity - Sketch Show

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An activity to encourage young people to think about the dangers of the internet, how these can be reduced/managed and how they might communicate these to their peers.


Run this activity in small groups, supported by a leader/parent who is knowledgeable about the internet.

Pens/pencils Paper for jotting down ideas

Options - means of recording sketch shows


1. Have the Scouts list everything they do which uses the internet. Think about social media (instagram, facebook, twitter, whatsapp), online games (multiplayer and single-player), games consoles, websites, file sharing, email. Once the Scouts have written down everything they think they do which uses the internet,
How many more activities do the Scouts now have listed? The internet is used for many different activities that you might not have thought of at first.

2. On that list of activities, choose the one or two activities which are most likely to cause the following:
a. Having a conversation with a stranger online
b. Downloading viruses
c. Giving away personal information (what sort of information is personal?)
d. Can anyone think of any other online dangers?

3. These dangers of being online are very unlikely if the internet is used in a sensible way. For each of the dangers discussed, how can you reduce the risk?

4. In small groups using the information discussed already put together a sketch show to highlight the possible dangers of not using the internet safely and ways to avoid them aimed at Beavers or Cubs.



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