Pioneering Fishing Challenge

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Using pioneering staves and ropes to construct long fishing poles for use in a game


Per team:
A set of staves and ropes to lash them together with
Hooks on lines / Magnet - could be as simple as a bent paperclip

Some 'fish' - or ducks or whatever - must have a big loop on top that can be snagged by the hook or some magnetic tape
A pond for the fish to be be in - a rope circle on top of a blue groundsheet, perhaps
Barriers of some kind for the Cubs to fish from behind


Set up the fishing pond and the barrier(s)
Divide the Cubs into teams

Teach the Cubs how to tie a round lashing to make a long pole out of shorter ones

Cubs then make fishing poles long enough to reach the pond - at least one per team
Tie a hook line to the end of each fishing pole

With the Cubs behind the barriers, start the challenge. The aim is to get more fish out of the pond than the other teams in five minutes


  • Fishing game
  • lashing
  • pioneering
  • team game

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