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Activity for a Plan Action for Dementia for A Million Hands


Felt Tips
Old magazines


PLAN ACTION Create dementia-friendly signs

Overview: Use different materials to create dementia-friendly signs for your meeting place or dementia-friendly event.

Outcome: Cubs will gain a better understanding of the challenges someone with dementia may face when out in the community. They will learn how to help and will contribute to making their community more dementia-friendly.

Time: 45 minutes

Equipment: Paper, card, felt tips, pencils, crayons, paint, old magazines, scissors, glue.
Optional: Post-its and stickers

Linked badges: Artist

Activity Instructions:

1. Ask the Pack to think about what makes a good sign. They could consider things such as colour, font, size and the sign’s location. You can make this into a short game by asking them to take photos or draw pictures of all the signs nearby within a limited time.

2. Remind them what they have already learned about dementia, namely:
• Dementia is not just about losing your memory.
• Dementia can affect your brain’s ability to do other things, like speaking, seeing or doing activities in order.

3. Share these tips to making dementia-friendly signs with the Pack:
• Colour: the brighter and bolder the signs, the better.
• Pictures: use a picture on your sign, people with dementia might find text hard to read. Make sure the pictures are clear and don’t cover the words.
• Materials: as long as the sign is non-reflective, any materials can be used.
• Text: capitals should only be used for initial letters.

The text colour should highly contrast with the background to make it stand out.

For example, white words on a black background.
You can find examples of dementia-friendly signage at
Identify where dementia-friendly signs would be useful in your event space. You can make this into a short game by asking the Cubs to put stickers or Post-its anywhere or on anything that needs to have a sign. Remember to include the front and back of doors!

4. Ask each Cub to make one of the dementia-friendly signs for your meeting place or dementia-friendly event space. Display the signs around the room/ building.



Badge Links

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