Fire Safety quiz game

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Learn about stop/drop and roll


List of scenarios.


Review the three safe actions Beaver Scouts should do when confronted with fire or smoke (Crawl low, Move away, or Stop, Drop and Roll).

Discuss some of the following scenarios and get the children’s feedback on what to do after each scenario. Then read the scenarios out loud one at a time, and ask the Beaver Scouts to respond with the appropriate action.

Tell them to respond by either crawling low under thick smoke toward an exit (CL), moving away from the area (MA), or dropping and rolling on the ground while yelling, “Stop, Drop and Roll!” (SDR).

Your trouser leg catches on fire. (SDR)
You see smoke and fire in the classroom. (CL)
Smoke comes from the kitchen oven. (MA)
Smoke fills the scout hut. (CL)
Your shirt catches fire around a campfire. (SDR)
You smell smoke near the cupboard. (MA)
You wake up and find your bedroom full of smoke. (CL)
Flames and smoke come from burning leaves in the park. (CL)


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