Patrol Challenge Activties 1

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A set of four activities to help your scout troop to work together and reach a goal.
1) mystery meal cooked on camping stoves
2) map symbols match the symbol to the word
3) what's in the box and Kim's game


mystery cooking - selection of Tinned food with the label's removed dice to select tins and camping stove.
map symbols - map symbol cards and name cards
what's in my box and Kim's game - blind fold box with two holes full of items for the scouts to guess by feeling only Kim's game tray with 20 items fir scouts to remember


Mystery meal, the scouts select tins of food with the dice. the scouts then has to make the best meal they can on a camping stove with the food given points for team work and food taste.
Map Symbols matcher, the scouts have to match the map symbol with the correct word point for each correct match.
What's in my Box and Kim's game, for scout to guess what items are in the box and to remember what items are on the Kim's tray.


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