A4 Paper Challenge

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A quick and easy challenge best done in patrols or small groups


A4 paper, scissors, sticky tape, string, pens.


You can use several sheets of A4 paper, scissors, sticky tape, string, pens.
You have 30 minutes to do the following and get each signed off by a leader:-

1. Make a paper aeroplane that flies the length of the room
2. Make a cup using one sheet of paper, and drink water from it!
3. Make a hat
4. Step your whole body through one sheet of A4 paper (you may use scissors)
5. Make a pop-up greetings card
6. Make a mask
7. Build a tower from 5 sheets of paper that is taller than your waist
8. Make one sheet of paper stretch as far as possible
9. Make a paper boat
10. Make a kite that flies (you may use string)


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  • patrol challenge
  • team building

Badge Links

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