Lollipop Stick Catapult

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Beavers make a catapult out of lollipop sticks and fire pompoms


Lollipop sticks, plastic spoons, elastic bands, pompoms


Stack five or six sticks on top of each other and bind each end with an elastic band. Lay one stick under the bundle and one on top to make a cross shape and bind one end of these two sticks together with an elastic band. The other two ends will be open wide. Fasten a spoon to the top stick with an elastic band. You can then put a pompom into the bowl of the spoon, and pull the spoon back to fire it.

You can give initially give the equipment with no instructions and challenge the Beavers to design their own catapult. This meets the problem-solving requirement of the Skills challenge badge. Give the above instructions if they can't figure out their own design.


  • catapult
  • machines

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