Lego Models - You Shape 2018

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A fun way to find out what activities and adventures that your Beaver Scouts would like to try.


cutouts from magazines (or printed images) - Scouting Magazine or other similar publications


Gather your Beavers into small groups, and ask them to each draw an activity they would like to try. If you like, you could gather some cutouts from magazines (or printed images) to help fuel their imaginations, and kickstart the discussion.

In their small groups, the Beavers should then discuss what they have drawn, and vote for their favourite overall activity.

Once they have voted, they should work as a team to build a model of the activity out of Lego.

When their model is complete, they should share their idea with the larger group.

Take photographs of their designs to aid your future programme planning, and then let them destroy the Lego afterwards!


  • Activities indoors
  • adventure
  • decision making
  • lego
  • log Chew
  • models
  • You Shape 2018

Badge Links

  • Creative - Construction
  • Creative - Imagination
  • Skills - Creative activity
  • Skills - Machine
  • Skills - Problem solving
  • Teamwork - Challenge
  • Teamwork - Log Chew
  • Teamwork - Team game