IGG INTEREST BADGE: Brownie Art and Craft Option 11

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Design a card for a celebration. (Valentine's Day)


 White card
 Embroidery thread
 Embroidery needle
 Needle threader
 Pencils
 Colouring pencils/markers
 Suitable material to protect work surface (old cereal boxes)
 Sellotape


Aim of Badge To encourage an interest in creative art and craftwork.

This Badge has 18 options of which 3 must be completed.

Embroidered Valentine’s Day Card
1. Photocopy the page overleaf onto strong white card
2. Fold the card in half and cut along dividing line to make two cards
3. Give each Brownie a card, needle, embroidery thread and suitable material to protect the work surface
4. Give each Six a set of colouring pencils
5. Brownies lay their card on the protected work surface and begin to punch holes at equal distances along the outline of the heart with their needle
6. Encourage Brownies to thread their own needle using the needle threader
7. Tie a knot at end of thread
8. Using their needle and embroidery thread, Brownies thread through the holes in various directions (see diagram below)
9. Cut off the yarn on the underside and use some tape to hold it in place
10. Brownies can complete the card as they desire

Acknowledgement/Source: www.hellowonderful.co
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