Harry Potter Night

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An evening of magical, Harry Potter themed activities. Ideal for World Book Day.

Optional: Come dressed as your favourite character from Harry Potter. If you don't have a favourite character, or are not familiar with the stories, come as a witch or wizard. Or just come as a Muggle (non-magical folk) in your normal clothes.


Chocolate Frog Cards template (attached), ideally printed on thin card. Glue, scissors and colouring pencils or felt tips.


At the start of the meeting, Beavers draw a witch/wizard on the Chocolate Frog Cards (template attached). Cut out the two sides and clue back-to-back. You can give them a Freddo frog to go with the cards if you're feeling generous!

Use any or all of these:

Running around game 1: name each corner of the room after the four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin (you can print out house shields and pin them up if you want). Shout out house names at random. Children have to run to the correct corner. Last one there is out, as is anyone who runs to the wrong corner.

Running around game 2: Beavers sit in a circle. Go around, name children after the houses in turn. Shout out house names in random. Children with that name run around the outside of the circle. If you shout Hogwarts, everyone runs around.

Harry Potter Bingo (search activities and add to programme)

Pin the Glasses on Harry (search activities and add to programme)

Optional: Have jelly beans as Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans and challenge the Beavers to try one and guess the flavour. Suggest some horrible flavours! You can use Beanboozled which do have some unpleasant flavours if you're brave enough. Offer Irn Bru topped with squirty cream (in tiny glasses!) as Butterbeer.


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