Emergency Aid - Call 999

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What happens when you call 999 and ask for the ambulance service.

4 Scenerios for Cubs to act out as to how they will deal with an incident including acting out calling the emergency services.

Also revision of treatment skills at stage 2


Print out the crib on calling 999 and the acting scenarios
Find some props (mobile phone, bandages, kettle, mug, table, ball, &c)


Talk the Cubs through DR Help! ABC and calling 999 using the crib provided.

Give out the Scenarios (assign a leader per team). Give them 10 - 15 minutes preparation time.

Teams act out scenarios. Discuss each scenario as it completes.

Was this the right treatment? Was it right to dial 999? Would it always be right? Call 111 for advice?

DR Help! ABC

D= check for Danger
R= check for Response

Help! = call for help if needed

A= is the Airway clear
B= is the patient Breathing
C= check Circulation (pulse/ bleeding)


  • 999
  • asthma
  • Bleeding
  • burns
  • emergency aid
  • Emergency aid stage 2
  • scalds
  • Unconscious patient

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