Stuck Hockey!

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A live action version of Table Hockey with Cubs. Allow 10 minutes game time per six involved.


8 Hula Hoops (2 matching colours if possible but not necessary).
10 Hockey Sticks (2 matching colours if possible).
5 Coloured Bibs (to designate teams if coloured hoops/sticks are not available).
2 Hockey Goals (or tables on their side).
1 Plastic Hockey Puck


The hockey pitch should be about the size of a badminton court with a goal at each end with hoops laid out as per the attached diagram. Each team has 1 Goalkeeper, 2 Defenders, 1 Centre and 1 Striker. The hoops cannot be moved deliberately and each player has a designated hoops/goal area. At all times each player must keep one foot inside their hoop/goal area. Players should not bring their hockey stick above waist height.

Play for 4 minutes and each six should play each of the other sixes in a league/round robin. 3pts for a win, 1 point for a draw. Anyone is allowed to score. If the puck leaves the pitch rebound it back in lining the pitch edges with surplus Cubs. To start the game simply drop the puck from waist height between the two Centres. You can choose to play out after goals are scored or drop the puck back in the centre.


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