Rice and Easy

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Come Dine with Me


Pack of rice.


Divide into teams, place a pile of dry rice in the centre of the room.

- One at a time, ask each team to collect as many grains as possible for their own rice bank from the centre of the room using chopsticks, carrying only one grain at a time.

- At the end of the time given (for example, five minutes), each team's rice is counted and the one with the most grains win.

A twist on this game:

- Divide your Explorers into teams.

- Give each team an area, say, the length of your Scout hut and 200 grains of rice for their rice bank.

- The challenge is for each team to move their rice bank to the opposite side of the room using chopsticks and only moving one grain at a time. Give them a time limit and see how many grains they can move in that time limit

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