60 Balls

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Game / activity using 60 balls


60 pool balls
large container that can hold all 60 balls (large bucket or cardboard box)
4 normal sized buckets
long thick rope


Game 1. Place thick rope around the circle to form a barrier. Place the 4 buckets in a square around the outside of the circle and divide the 60 balls into the buckets. In the middle is the large container. Each six takes it in turn to get as many balls into the middle container without crossing the rope barrier in 60 seconds (should be plenty of time). They can not pick up any balls that are in the circle that have missed the container.

Game 2. Use the rope to make a cross to divide the hall into 4 areas. each six has a bucket with 15 balls in. The pack has 60 seconds to throw the balls into the other six areas. the six with the least number of balls after the minute wins.

Game 3. Sixes sat in relay with an empty bucket in front of them at the other end of the hall is a the rope in a long rectangle shape with the 60 balls inside so the balls are across the width of the hall. In relay the cubs run up collect a ball and bring it back to their bucket. They have 60 seconds to see which six can get the most balls in their bucket.

Game 4. Each Six stands along the length of the hall equal distance apart. Bucket with 15 balls in one end and empty bucket at other end. First cub picks up a ball throws it to next cub in six who throws to next etc. last cub throws ball into empty bucket. First six to get all 15 balls in bucket wins.



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