Prioritise items to use in survival situation

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This is part two of two stage activity. The first is to Investigate a recent natural disaster -

Aim is to rank survival items in order of priority and evaluate. Along with team working.

Through a relay race, flashcards, discussion and second try at relay race.


1 set of flashcards per patrol. They are in the resources or at They need to be printed off and laminated or mounted on card.
2 tables or areas per patrol. The areas could just be marked out areas on the floor. They need to be at least the size of an A2 piece of paper.
Potentially paper and pens for scoring


The scouts start at one end of the room, in patrols, ready for a relay race. They have a small area (table?) in which to place and display flashcards as the flashcards are brought back to the patrol base.

The flashcards are at the other end of the hall, face up in patrol areas (table?).

The scouts are to bring back one flashcard at a time. They are items they need to survive in a survival situation. They will do ten legs only, so one flashcard per scout, and there are ten trips to the end of the hall. The flashcards need to be brought back in order of priority. So the item that is most important is brought back first. The flashcard returned to base is displayed in their area. The scouts cannot change the order of the cards. The first one back is the one at the top, the second is second and so forth. Speed is also important as it is a race between patrols. It is also important to stop at ten and shout "finished" to be able to score on who finished first.

Once the race is completed the scouts can do the scoring.

The scoring criteria is deliberately lacking in criteria. It is out of ten. Ten is that it is an excellent rank of items in order of priority. Zero is that it is a useless list. Each of the patrol to score the other patrols' display of ten flashcards. They can decide within their patrol any other scoring criteria. Patrol leaders to hand the their scoring in. Add to the scoring points given for speed of completion. That will give you a winner.

Ask the troop as a whole:
- If you were to do the race again, what would you do different?
- Did you have different ideas of what is important in a survival situation?
- How would you decide as a patrol or troop which is the more important item?
- Was the scoring fair?
- If you were to score again, would you do anything different?

Relay race part two
Repeat the race. You can probably skip the scoring part.

Evaluation part two
Ask the troop as a whole:
- Have they produced a list that is better?
- If there is an item that each patrol placed very high, ask why they choose that item.
- What did you do that produced a better list?
- How did you work as a team?

Explain what the people needed to survive.
Carrying on from the troop wide discussion, ask:
- Reflecting back to the natural disaster we investigated, what would we need to survive?
- Justify the reason for needing each item.

On a smaller scale, when we go camping, we are prioritising are tasks, especially when we arrive at camp. We need to do certain things to "survive", or at least have a comfortable time ahead.
- What are your priorities when you arrive at camp?
These could be:
Shelter (getting tents up)
Food (setting up camp kitchen)


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