Olympic Torch

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Make an Olympic torch for the Cubs' own Olympics opening ceremony


What you'll need:
1 sheet of white construction paper
Clear tape
Red, yellow, and orange tissue paper, 12" x 12" square of each colour
White craft glue


How to make it:
Roll the construction paper into a cone shape, tape closed.
Layer the tissue paper squares, red on the bottom, then orange, and yellow on top.
Gather from the centre of the squares and hold in your hand like a bouquet of flowers.
Put some white craft glue into the sides of the opening of the cone.
Place the tissue paper into the cone and let the glue dry completely.
Tips: If you want a really tall torch like the real Olympic torch, use a piece of white poster board instead of the construction paper.
Instead of tissue paper you can use construction paper in the same colours. Simply cut them into flame shapes and glue inside the cone opening.
Have a piece of tape ready before rolling the cone, this way you won't be struggling with the tape while trying to hold the cone's shape.


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