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Maori Legends

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A selection of Maori Legends that can be used as part of a New Zealand themed programme


Laptop or similar for showing YouTube videos, Note some of the videos are in Maori with English Sub-Titles


Select 1 or more of the following Maori Legends

1. How the Kiwi lost it's feathers - https://youtu.be/A_saeTJKfgA or attached pdf
- Use the "How the Kiwi lost it's Feathers - Birds" attachment, that has images of the birds concerned
2. How Maui Slowed the sun - https://youtu.be/jbM3PwcGi0g or https://youtu.be/wgLWdCrgR7w
3. The Fish of Maui - https://youtu.be/Nb9Y99KQG1k or the attached pdf


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