The Key Game

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A quick team game


- a piece of string per team to stretch from one end of the hall
to the other.
- a key to open an object at the end of the hall.


Rules of Game :-
- No clothes must be removed
- The key and string must be threading down participants tops,
and inside the trouser leg.
- The string must not be broken.
Description of game :-
At least two teams of identical numbers line up down the length of
the hall. A string per team is attached to a fixed object at one end of
the hall, and at the other end of the hall is an object to be unlocked.
(e.g. door) Tied to the end of each piece of string is a key to the
object. Upon a whistle the first member of the team threads the key
with the string down their top, and down one trouser leg. The key is
then threaded in a similar manner by the next member. This
continues throughout the team, but the last member also unlocks the
object to win the game.


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