Be the Best- Scouts Own Poem

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To be read at a Scouts Own to encourage young people to try their Best




Be the Best

We can’t all be captains, we have to have crew
But teamwork is better when there’s so much to do
Be a tall tree on the top of the hill
Stand tall and proud, be patient and still
But if you can’t stand still then wiggle
Get up! Dance! Move, wriggle and giggle!
Don’t listen to people who say you will fail
First attempt in learning, laugh and move on
For that try has passed- long gone!
Plenty more trials we will all have to come
And you know what to do-
Be the best person, be the best you.
There’s big tasks and small ones, we can’t all be stars
Stay near to home, go travel, move far.
It isn’t by size that we win or we fail
We have our own paths, our own highways, own trails
Be the best you of what You think you’ll be
Be a best friend, be loyal, be supportive
Be helpful, be kind, be friendly- we are worth it
Be the best, do your best, try your best try!
Reach out for the stars in the darkest night sky
Have the best laughter, be the best friend
For friendship is needed- love and peace never end.


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