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No. 3. Good Health and Well-being (Sneeze - Cover it Please)


 Face Template
 Clean spray bottle
 Craft knife
 Tissues
 Sellotape
 Laminator
 Photocopy “Cover your Sneeze” picture per Ladybird
 Colouring pencils/crayons


Aim of Badge Please refer to Leaders introduction (IGG Ladybirds Special Focus (Leaders Introduction to Activities)
Activity 2
Sneeze -Cover It Please
To show how germs are passed on by airborne/touch method
To make Sneezy
• Print the face and laminate
• Over the nose of the picture, lightly draw a square
• Mark the diagonals (The diagonals need to be the same length as the diameter of the back end of spray nozzle)
• Start cutting by making a small cut from center
• Push spray nozzle through the diagonal cutting and adjust the length so that the spray nozzle is snug with the picture
• Add a little tape on the back to secure it to the nozzle

• Read the story (see overleaf)
• Give each Ladybird a “Cover Your Sneeze” picture to colour

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