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Easter Woolly Chicks


• Cardboard
• Yellow wool
• Orange card
• Googly eyes
• Scissors and glue


1. Cut out 3 egg shapes from your cardboard, about 4” tall but they don’t have to be exact.
2. Carefully put glue on the end of your wool at the back of the cardboard egg and begin wrapping it around the egg, up and down, side to side, until the egg is completely covered.
3. Cut out a small diamond from your orange card and glue to the centre of your chick.
4. Then cut out two little feet from your orange card and glue to the bottom at the back of your chick.
5. Now glue 2 googly eyes above the beak and your chick is complete.

Acknowledgement/Source: www.thisnthatwitholivia.com
Trefoil News Spring 2018

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