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Hotel for bees and ladybirds


• Plastic bottles (1 per Brownie)
• Brown paper bags
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Pencils
• Tape or glue
• Roll of twine


1. Wash out and dry the bottle thoroughly.
2. Cut the bottle to where it widens.
3. Cut approximately 30 rectangular pieces (2” width x whatever length your bottle is*) from your paper shopping bag. These don’t have to be perfect. Just quickly use a ruler to measure and draw some and then cut them out with scissors.
*Note: check that length will fit into your bottle without sticking out. Just cut 6 strips shorter or longer to account for the raised section in the centre of the bottle.

4. Roll each piece of paper around a pencil to create a ‘straw’ shape. Remove from pencil. If you want your ‘straw’ a bit tighter, re-roll the now curved piece using your fingers. You can use a small bit of tape or glue to secure at the midpoint. The ‘straws’ do not all need to be the same diameter. Have fun mixing it up!
5. Insert each of your paper bag ‘straws’ into the bottle until the space is completely filled.
6. Use string or twine to hang your bottle with. Most bottles have grooves in them that are perfect for securing your string in place.
7. Hang in a sunny spot in your garden, somewhere where it will not move around, and preferably facing the East to catch the morning sun, and wait for your winged guests to arrive!

Remember: This is not a honey bee hive. Its intention is for solitary bees and ladybirds.

Acknowledgement/Source: 2 Paws Designs Sarah Goggins
Trefoil News Spring 2018

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