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Mother's Day and Valentine's Day Button Frame


 Red buttons assorted sizes
 Thin red ribbon
 White card
 Red card
 Large heart template
 Small heart template
 White ribbon
 Photograph
 Glue


This activity can be made at any time of the year as a keepsake, for example for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, as a Christmas tree decoration etc.
Give each Patrol a copy of the visual ‘how to make’ diagram (see overleaf) and sufficient material to complete the craft.

• Using the large heart template, cut out a heart from both the white card and red card.
• Using the smaller template, place it on top of the red heart. Draw around the heart and cut out the centre to create a frame.
• Place the photograph on the white heart and behind the red heart to make sure it fits the frame.
• When satisfied with the fit, trim the edges of photo and stick to the white heart.
• Now stick the red heart on top to complete photo frame.
• Arrange and glue buttons around the frame to cover it. A good variety of sizes of buttons works well but make sure they fit in together and don’t leave spaces or gaps.
• Make a bow from the red ribbon and stick to top of frame.
• Use the white ribbon to make a hanger at the back of the frame.
• Red buttons work well for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day but a variety of colours can be used alternatively for spring or summer crafts.

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