IGG Brownie Crafts for Fun

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OWL DVD Picture


 Old CD’s/DVD’s
 Sheets of coloured paper
Owl decorations (available from
Lidl around Easter and Autumn)
 Wool
 Beads
 Glue
 Sellotape
 Glue dots (optional)
 Scissors
 Markers


1. Take a coloured sheet and draw around the outline of the CD/DVD twice on A4 sheet
2. Cut out circles and glue one on to one side of the CD/DVD
3. Cut a length of wool, size depends on how long you wish the “hanger” to be
4. Double it over to form a loop, and Sellotape the two ends on the uncovered side of the CD/DVD.
5. Place two beads over the looped wool to create your own decoration.
6. Using beads and wool create your own string to hang from bottom. Sellotape this on the bottom of the CD/DVD in line with the loop.
7. Put glue on the uncovered side of CD/DVD, and hiding the strings place the second cut out coloured piece of paper on to it.
8. Glue the owl decoration on to the centre (glue dots may help secure the owl).
9. Personalise the craft as you wish, e.g. “Brownie Pack Holiday 2018.
10. Girls could sign the back as a keepsake from Brownies.


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