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Mothers Day Superhero


 Superhero template
 A4 White Card
 A4 Neutral colour card
 A4 Coloured Cards
 Markers/Colouring Pencils
 Wool
 Glue
 Scissors
 Glue /two-sided tape
 Chocolate bar


Download the templates from the following site
 The template is made with several different faces and gift tags on each page to conserve paper
 Print the faces on a skin colour card of your choice
 Print the gift tags on white card
 Print the superhero capes on any colour of card
1. Cut out a superhero face, tag and cape
2. Colour in the features on the superhero face like eyes, nose and a mouth
3. Colour in the heart on the gift tag
4. Cut three strands of yarn for the hair. Glue them down at the top of your superhero
5. Place the chocolate bar in the centre of the superhero cape with the bottom of the bar at the bottom of the cape
6. Fold the top two corners inward and make a crease to create your cape
7. Remove the bar, add two pieces of tape in the centre of the cape and stick your bar in place
8. Add a piece of tape on each corner of the folded cape and stick them down onto the bar
9. Add a piece of tape at the bottom of the bar and place your gift tag on it
10. Finish your DIY superhero Mother’s Day gift by taping the face at the top of the chocolate bar.
Attachments/Template needed for activity? Available online only


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