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No 16. At a campfire, prepare and cook dampers


 500g self-raising flour
 80g caster sugar
 Water
 Strawberry jam or chocolate spread
 Bowl
Kitchen Roll / Napkins
3 Ft Sticks (Green)
 Plastic Food Gloves
 Mixing Spoon


Aim of Badge To practice traditional Guiding skills

This Badge has 20 options of which 5 must be completed
Subsequent badges may be earned when you complete 5 additional options
This recipe makes 8 dampers
 Put the flour into a big bowl. Add the sugar and mix
 Pour water onto the flour a bit at a time and mix until it becomes dough
 Knead lightly in the bowl until the dough comes together, then set aside for 10 minutes
 Divide the mixture in half, then break each half into 4 equal pieces so that you have 8 pieces of dough
 Take 1 lump of dough and roll it between your hands to make a sausage shape
 Wrap the dough around the end of the stick and gently press it onto the stick so that it won’t fall off
 Cook the dampers over a campfire or barbecue for 10-12 minutes keep turning them so they turn golden brown all over
 Carefully tap the dough with your finger “when its cooked, it should feel solid when you tap it
 Wrap some kitchen paper or a napkin around the damper and pull off the stick
 Fill the middle of each damper with either jam or chocolate spread. Enjoy
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