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IGG SPECIAL FOCUS Guide Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’S)

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Introduction Game to the SDG's (Go Goals Board Game)


 Board Game
 Games Brochure
 Dice
 Tokens
 Questions
 How to play (see overleaf)
 A3 White Card
 A4 White Card
 Markers/Colouring Pencils
 Scissors
 Glue
 Laminator (optional


Aim: to help the Guides understand their role in the future of the planets, as individuals, team players and most important as responsible citizens of the world.
Goals Ahead (SDG’s)
This activity is a fun and engaging method of developing the Guides understand of the SDG’s.
Before the meeting
• Log onto http://go-goals.org/downloadable-material/
• Complete the registration (3 lines)
• Print Board Game, Games Brochure, Questions* Dice and Tokens* (* on A4 white Card)
• Print How to play the Game (see overleaf)
• Photocopy Board Game A3 card
• Before laminating and cutting out Question cards write the corresponding number on the back
At the meeting
• Give each Guide a player token to decoration
• Each Patrol will also need
a. Board game
b. Dice
c. Set of questions
d. Games brochure
• To play (see overleaf) for instructions

Go Goals

Attachments/Template needed for activity? Yes


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