IGG SPECIAL FOCUS Guide Sustainable Development Goal 03 (SDG’S)

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No. 3. Good Health and Well-being (Activity 5 Stop, think and decide to say NO to drugs)


 Articles and pictures related to any form of substance abuse
 A3 size card
 Glue
 Scissor


Aim Please refer to Leaders introduction (IGG Guide Special Focus No 3 (Leaders Introduction to Activities)
Activity 4
Stop, Think and decide to say NO to Drugs

The WAGGGS Drug Awareness Code says ‘Stop, think and decide to say NO to drugs’ Make a short advertisement to promote this

This activity helps to raise Guides’ awareness of substance abuse and to look at how the media portray Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco

• Ask the girls to collect pictures and articles relating to any form of substance abuse.
• Ask them to make a poster of their findings. (This could be done in advance over the previous week).
• Each Patrol should display their posters and discuss their findings (see discussion points).
• From their findings ask them to write a 60 second public service advertisement that is against substance abuse.
• When they are writing this advertisement, they should think of the points below to help them.

Discussion points:
• To whom the advertisement is directed?
• The image portrayed e.g. romantic, macho, athletic, and glamorous.
• What need is being addressed?
• Is it a realistic portrayal of life?

Health Promotion Pack, January 2003

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