IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Skin Care Option 02

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2. Prepare your own face mask using natural ingredients (Face and Hand Homemade Remedies)


 Handouts of homemade remedies (see overleaf)
 Ingredients as required (see overleaf)
 Bowls of water
 Towels,
 Tissues
 Old T-shirts
 Hairbands, bobbins


Aim of Badge
To encourage good Skin Care routine

This Badge has 6 options of which 6 must be completed

Prepare your own Face masks using natural ingredients.
We are also looking at the function of ingredients in homemade remedies for hands and face.

1. The week before remind the Guides to bring an old
t-shirt and headband to next week’s meeting
2. Guides pull their hair back with their head band to prevent hairs from getting stuck in the mask; it’s quite sticky!
3. Put on their old t-shirt or one you don’t mind getting messy because the face mask may drip.
4. Leader explains the various food items to be used and explain the benefits of using them.
5. Set up bases around the hall
6. Guides can make and try their own remedies.

List of Bases
 What Makes Banana Face Masks Beneficial for Skin?
 Skin Lightening Banana Face Mask
 Wrinkle Removing Banana Face Mask
 Hand Moisturiser 1
 Hand Moisturiser 2
 For discoloured or dark hands


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