Car tunnel relay game

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Relay game using small cars and kitchen roll tubes to make a tunnel for the car to travel through


Small toy cars and kitchen roll tubes (one car per team, and one tube per child). You could possibly use toilet roll tubes, but might need to stick some together to make them longer.


Each team forms a tunnel using the kitchen roll tubes, the car is placed in the back of the tunnel, and the team needs to gently get the car to travel through the tunnel without touching the car or letting it fall out the end or through a gap. If the car falls out, they have to place it in the back again. Once the car is through the last tube at least, that one is brought around to the front. First team to reach a pre-determine point wins.


  • cars
  • game
  • Kitchen roll/toilet roll tube
  • relay game
  • team game
  • tunnels

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