IGG Senior Branch OUTDOOR ADVENTURE Choice Challenge 07

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7. Calculate a camp budget appropriate to menu, programme, including camp fee and Transport,etc


 Copy of sample prices as below
 Pens


Introduction To complete this Choice Challenge, SB would need to consider a broader budget including travel and programme costs. This exercise focuses only on meal planning and is especially useful for those preparing for the Chief Commissioner’s Award, Explorer Belt, or similar Regional hiking events.

Shopping on a budget for a Chief’s type event
Talk about the importance of food as fuel during a hike.

Ask SB what needs to be taken into consideration when planning a menu for such an event, important factors should include:
• Price - note that rural corner shops will cost more than urban supermarkets
• Storage - does the item require refrigeration?
• Transport - weight/size of packaging, available quantities
• Ease of cooking on portable stoves – time / utensils needed
• Balanced nutrition – are they getting enough food and covering all major food groups
• Special requirements – allergies and personal taste

In pairs of small groups consider the sample shopping list below and decide what to buy. I have drawn this up to cater for Friday evening to Sunday afternoon i.e. 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches for two people at €3 per person, per day. This could be adapted for other requirements.

Alternative Option
SB could go to a local shop to take note of real prices and what items are available. Or they could be given a budget to actually go shopping in advance of an event and see what they come back with.

How did they find the exercise? Was it challenging to stick to the budget? Are there others items they could substitute? Is their shopping list realistic?


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