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No. 3. Good Health and Well-being (Activity 5 Hospitals-Healthcare around the World)


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Aim Please refer to Leaders introduction (IGG Brownie Special Focus No 3 (Leaders Introduction to Activities)

Activity 5
Hospitals/ Healthcare Around the World
To explore Brownies understanding of what it might be like to visit or stay in hospital in Ireland/third world country
• Brownies join the Pow Wow circle
• Open the discussion with who has ever visited/stayed the night in hospital.
• Was the hospital clean
• Did you see doctors and nurses?
• Were you given the medicine you needed
• Did you have and X-ray
• Ask the Brownies how far away the local hospital is
• If they broke an arm at school would they walk to the hospital?
 Explain that in some countries hospitals are not as modern as in Ireland
 Often, they are very far away from where some people live
 In these poorer countries a lot of children and adults do not have access to basic healthcare and get very ill and/or die
 Sometimes hospitals are destroyed in natural disasters and the local people have to go even further for medical care.
 Many Irish doctors and nurses volunteer abroad with medical charities even where there is war – perhaps the unit could do a fundraiser or donate one euro of subs etc
 Show them the photos discussing similarities and differences with Irish hospitals. E.g. cleanliness, indoor/outdoor, privacy etc
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