IGG SPECIAL FOCUS Brownie Sustainable Development Goal 03

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No. 3. Good Health and Well-being (Activity 7 Compliment Rainbows)


 6 strips of different coloured card
 ¼ A4 white card
 Colouring pencils or Markers
 Sellotape
 Scissors


Aim Please refer to Leaders introduction (IGG Brownie Special Focus No 3 (Leaders Introduction to Activities)

Activity 6
Compliment Rainbows
Start in a circle. The Leadership Team complement each Brownie and each other on a positive aspect of their personality.

• Give each Brownie a piece of paper and ask her to write her name on it
• Put the names into a bowl
• Each Brownie pulls a name for the bowl
• Each Brownie gets 6 coloured strips and one white piece of card
• Each Brownie then writes a compliment on each strip about the Brownie whose name she pulled out –remind the girls that they should try not to focus on appearance
• Use the white card to make a cloud and write the Brownie’s name on it
• Sellotape the strips onto the back of the cloud
• Let the Brownies read what their friends have complimented them on
• If possible stick them on the wall of your meeting hall as a nice reminder of the positive attributes each Brownie brings to the Unit
This activity helps everyone to have a positive mental attitude

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  • Branch Weekend 2018
  • Compliment Rainbows
  • Healthy mind
  • IGG SPECIAL FOCUS Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’S)
  • Interest Badge Brownie Healthy Mind
  • Rainbows
  • Sdg3
  • Sdgs

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