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No 12 Know how to use an axe and saw safely ( Axe and Saw Safety)


 Axe
 Saw
 Gloves
 Protective goggles
 Wood
 If demonstrating indoors- sheet of strong plastic, brush, rubbish bag


Aim of Badge To practice traditional Guiding skills

This Badge has 20 options of which 5 must be completed.
Subsequent badges may be earned when you complete 5 additional options.

Before cutting wood - discuss safety procedures and how to create a specific chopping area at camp.

Chopping Area:

Before cutting wood at camp, you will need to create a specific chopping area.
 Choose a site that is fairly close to the fire and clear of any obstructions (not only on the ground - ensure that there are no overhead obstructions that could catch your axe as you swing).
 Make a circle that is at least 2m (6ft) in radius (or at least 3 axe lengths)
 Rope the area off and ensure it is clearly marked.
 Make sure that everyone knows where the chopping area is.

USING AN AXE (see overleaf)

USING A BUSH SAW: (see overleaf)


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