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No 2. Explore the role our senses have – warn us of danger etc (Senses Tables)


 Banana
 Potato or Pear
 A5 sheet of red card
 A5 sheet of blue card
 Salty crackers
 Sweets
 Lemon
 Large bottle of water
 Cups
 Plates
 Napkins
 Baby wipes


Aim of Badge To develop an awareness of what you use your senses for and how you compensate when one of your senses doesn’t work properly.
This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed

• Ladybirds explore how our senses can warn us of danger.
• How we use our senses to keep us safe.
• When we eat and drink, our senses are all the time helping to keep us safe by making sure that we only eat and drink enough and eat food that’s good for us.
• We are always using our senses to stay alert when we are in the kitchen.
1. Photocopy senses sheet (see overleaf) onto card
2. Cut the senses sheet so you have 5 cards
3. Place senses cards and individual items on a number of tables around the room.
4. Remember to check for allergies
5. Divide the Unit into small groups
6. Leader goes with each group to a different table to begin
7. At each senses table Leader uses the questions (see overleaf) to promote discussion.

Senses Examples of Objects
Sight Eyes Banana Steam Smoke
Touch Hands Potato Pear TapWater (Red and blue card to represent hot and cold)
Taste Mouth Salty crackers Sweets Lemon
Smell Nose Smoke Rubbish bin Compost bin
Sound Ears Smoke alarm Kettle boiling Toaster

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