Scouts Shield

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part of You Shape 2018
First of all, gather the scouts into their patrols, ask each patrol to sketch a shield (Of any size and shape, the bigger the better) on a piece of card. Ask them then to split the shield into three sections, in one of the sections they must think of an emblem/ motto for their patrol, the other section being activities they would like to do and the final section being activities that the patrol believes has made the most impact on them all.
Tip: This concept gives you as leaders an idea of what each scouts likes. As new members join the movement names can be added to their patrol shields.


Cardboard box sides/bottom ( approx. A3 size)
Pens/ felt tips Scissors


1. Start by gathering your Scouts into their Patrols.
2. Ask each Patrol to sketch a shield onto the paper/card.
3. Ask them to divide that shield into three parts/segments.
4. In one third of the shield, they should create an emblem and motto for their Patrol. In another third, they should draw something to represent an activity they have enjoyed so far. In the final third, they should draw something to represent an activity they would like to try in the future.
5. As a Patrol, they should then discuss
how they could help make their chosen activity happen before feeding back to the whole group.


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