IGG INTEREST BADGE Ladybird Disability Awareness Option 04

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4. Check your meeting hall is friendly for a wheelchair




Aim of Badge To develop an awareness of what you use your senses for and how you compensate when one of your senses doesn’t work properly.
This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed

To create awareness of the accessibility for people with disabilities at place of meeting

• Organise the ladybirds in pairs to get ready to go outside
• Discuss with the girls that on the way, you want them
a. To count any steps, they have to climb down
b. To see how spacious is the hallway
c. To see how easy can the doors open
When everyone is outside, ask the questions (see list overleaf)
Additional activities:
 Consider inviting a person who uses a wheelchair to come along to your meeting place and ask them about how difficult or easy it was to come into the meeting hall
 If doing this, the leader should first check out the access facilities and if necessary discuss with the caretaker of the building
 You could also consider comparing wheelchairs to buggies or prams
 A lot of ladybirds would have younger brothers and sisters and can relate to similar difficulties of mam or dad using a pram or buggy
 You could also discuss with the girls if they know of anyone who uses a wheelchair. Ask them of any difficulties they know of when a person uses a wheelchair?
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