IGG Ladybird Crafts for Fun

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Make a bag


 Piece of felt (approx. 30cm x 17 cm) for each girl
 Pieces of felt shapes for decoration
 Double sided tape or glue dots
For the handle of the bag:
 Wool
 Crochet needle
(The handle could be made in advance by the leader)


Introduction This is a craft to make a small bag

• Fold the piece of felt in half lengthways
• Starting 3cm down from each side lengthways, glue each side together
• Using the wool and the crochet needle, cast on one stitch and continue making a chain by creating a chain stitch from the first stitch (Alternatively just use a string of wool long enough for a handle)
• Now fold down the 3cm of felt at the top (to the front) to make a band and insert each end of the crocheted handle at both ends and glue together
• Glue a felt shape on either side of the bag to decorate it.


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