IGG Ladybird Crafts for Fun

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Mothers Day Card/Book


 Paper
 Heart Template x6 for each ladybird
 Red Card
 Yellow Card
 Ribbon
 Glue
 Markers/Colouring crayons/pencils
 Scissors


Introduction This is a craft to make a book like card for mother’s day.

 Print out heart template.
 Let each Ladybird cut the template out.
 Fold the template along the dotted lines.
 In each “4 Leaf Clover” draw something nice or write a nice little message.
 Fold the clovers up until you have them in a heart shape and place each heart one on top of the other.
 Glue one side of each heart and stick it to another heart until you have a string of hearts together.
 Trace the heart shapes onto red card and cut it out ensuring you have two one for the front and one for the back.
 Apply glue all over the white heart shape, top and back, one at a time
 Place a string of ribbon across the center of the heart (don’t cut the ribbon just yet).
 Place the red heart on top.
 Cut the ribbon (leave enough it can be tied in a bow).
 You can leave the heart as is, or add a smaller heart inside the heart, using a different color.
 You can add a message on the cover.
 Tie the ribbon and you are done!


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