IGG Senior Branch Sustainable Development Goal 03

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Good Health and Well-being (Activity 1 UV Game)


Body safe UV paint in a variety of colours
 Baby wipes


Aim Please refer to Leaders introduction (IGG Senior Branch Special Focus No 3 (Leaders Introduction to Activities)
Activity 1
The U.V. Game
To show how germs are passed on by /touch method: Probably best done outdoors and at night as UV paint is more effective in the dark
• Allow the Senior Branch members to put the UV paint on their hands (have a range of colours to show the spread of germs)
• The girls then must touch each other on the face or hands
• Bring the group back together

 How many colours of paint are on each SB
 How did it get there
 What does the glitter represent
 How was the paint passed from girl to girl
 What does the spread of UV represent in this instance (Contamination)
 Discuss what germs are and how they can be passed on
 Build this into a discussion on how we now interact and how diseases are spread
 How tactile are we now? Hugs – head to head contact for selfies etc...
 Would moving to a virtual world really stop disease
 Discuss renting/house sharing and the impact this can have on hygiene!
Another option
Organise a debate or public discussion on this
GAT pack p51


  • Branch Weekend 2018
  • IGG SPECIAL FOCUS Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’S)
  • Sdg3
  • Sdgs

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