IGG Guide Crafts for Fun

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 Roto-Copter templates- one for each Guide
 pencil
 scissors
 paper clips
 crayons or markers
 newspaper
 cereal bowl


This is a fun craft that can be linked to the Global traveller badge


Using the template cut along the solid lines only. Fold on the dotted lines.
Fold A toward you. Fold B away from you.

Fold C and D over each other so they overlap.

Fold the bottom up and put a paper clip on it.

Hold the helicopter by the paper clip. Throw it like a baseball, as high and far as you can. It will spin to the floor. You can also stand on a chair or on the stairs and drop it.
If you want, you can use crayons or markers to colour your Helicopter before you fold it. The colours will blur together when it spins.


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