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Hand-Slapping Game




Introduction A fun game to involve everyone


• Guides make a circle
• Lying down on the floor on their tummies with their hands on the floor in front of them palms down. (This can be done around a table too!)
• Each Guide has her left arm linked through the right arm of the Guide beside her. And her right arm linked through the left arm of the Guide on the other side.
• each Guide has two hands in front of her, the left hand of her right hand neighbour and the right hand of her neighbour to the left.
One Guide starts
 she picks the direction of travel of the slap and then she slaps her hand on the floor/table.
 One slap means the slap continues in that direction
 Two slaps mean that the direction is reversed
 In either case only the hand immediately adjacent to her hand in the appropriate direction of travel is to go next
 If someone misses their turn they are out and must remove that hand!
 (This gives each Guide 2 chances at being 'out' which is more fun than messing up once and being removed from the game)
 The game continues in the opposite direction, with the next hand having the next turn.


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