IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Healthy Mind Option 04

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4. Learn Positive Communication Skills, Both Speaking & Listening (The Power of Persuasion )


 English dictionary
 Pen & paper per patrol


Aim of Badge: To develop & practise a positive mental attitude

This Badge has 7 options of which 7 must be completed

An important part of quality conversation is the ability to make others believe what you say is true. The dictionary game helps Guides practice the power of persuasion by trying to convince others that the definition for a word they have chosen is true

1. In patrols, guides choose a word from the dictionary that is little known or obscure.
2. One of the patrol then either makes up a definition or shares the real definition with another patrol. The definition must be completely true or completely false.
3. The guides in the other patrol ask questions about the word and then vote on whether the definition given is true or false.
4. Points are awarded to a patrol if they are successful in deceiving another with their definition. The patrol with the most points wins.
To save time, a leader may already have words bookmarked in a dictionary for the girls to use

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  • Positive Communication Skills, Both Speaking & Listening
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