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5. Learn how to prevent smoke entering a room and show how to safely get out of a smoke-filled room. Demonstrate how to check for a fire behind a door before opening it




Aim of Badge
Aim: To learn about fire prevention and what to do in the event of a fire
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1. Test doorknobs.
In an actual fire, you shouldn’t walk into any room without touching the doorknobs first. If there is heat, it’s probably not safe to enter. Opening doors can also increase airflow and accelerate the rate in which fire spreads.

2. Don’t panic.
Panicking can cloud your brain and prevent you from thinking clearly. If you’re trapped in a room during a fire, take a deep breath and remember this:

o Close the door and plug up any cracks or vents with a blanket, clothes, or a towel to keep the smoke out.
o Call 911 if you have a phone to let the authorities know where you are in the building.
o If you don’t have a phone, yell for help.
o If there’s a window, hang a piece of clothing or a cloth out the window to alert emergency crews.
Fires are undoubtedly terrifying, but keeping a clear head can keep you safer. Even if you’re not trapped, you should always take a second to calm yourself and think rationally about the proper steps to get everyone out safely.



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