Gender/Disability Equality Activity

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This team patrol game uses a simple relay method to achieve its aim. The aim is to demonstrate inequality in society due to gender or disability. The 2018 Scout World Challenge badge has this as a requirement now. You will need at least some (but not all) youth members who are left handed.


Pens/Pencils & Paper
Table per team
Flipchart or whiteboard


Split the troop into teams and have the teams line up with a table opposite each of them at the other end of the room.
Place a piece of paper and pens on each table.
Write several words on the flipchart/whiteboard (or you can have a leader announce them). (We used words that sum up the Scout law: Trusted, Loyal, Friendly, Considerate, Belongs, Courage, Careful, Respect)

On "Go" the first player of each team runs to the table and writes down the first word, then they run back and the next player writes the next word and so on.
So far, so boring. But... they must only write with their left hand and the winner is the team that does the best job of writing the words out.

This obviously gives the left-handed teams an unfair advantage. This is deliberate as it highlights the inequality of being penalised (e.g. not being paid as much, not being allowed to do certain jobs) solely because of something you cannot control (e.g. being born right-handed, being disabled or being female). You can explain this to the Scouts afterwards.

Try re-running the race but with their dominant hand and blind-folded.


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