Ball passing pattern Game

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A game to test reflexes and team-building


Balls of several varieties - start with at least a tennis ball or basketball, depending on the age of the group.


Troop/Pack stands in a circle, at least 1 meter between each participant. Each participant then raises their off-hand. One participant starts with a ball (start with a tennis ball or basket ball) and passes it to someone who has their hand up who is not directly next to them - and it is important that they pass the ball, as the receiver is meant to be able to catch it (stress how this is a team-building exercise). One the receiver catches the ball, they put their hand down and then passes the ball to someone who has their hand up. Follow this pattern and eventually everyone will have caught and passed the ball.

Now the challenge begins. Have the group pass the ball in the exact same pattern for several more cycles. As they become comfortable with the pattern, give a second ball started to the starting participant and have them start passing it around in the same pattern. Vary the game with balls of various sizes/weights, and see how many balls can be going simultaneously.


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